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1325 cnc router

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1325 cnc router
1325 is a professional wooden door industry, annatto furniture and decoration decoration industry development of engraving machine, mainly used for carve wooden door design, high-end technology wood relief application, annatto furniture carving, antique furniture, carved bas-relief applications.

The performance characteristics of 1325 cnc router

1. The whole welding lathe bed, again by the secondary annealing processing, ensure the long-term use of deformation, high rigidity;

2. Adopt Taiwan PMI linear guide;Double row four columns ball slider, loading capacity, smooth operation;

3. Choose brand constant power spindle motor with high torque and high performance inverter, good stability, high efficiency;

4. Use famous professional high subdivision driver and high-performance stepper motor, ensure the equipment work of high precision, high speed, high stability,(optional servo);

5. All three axis adopt high precision rack, fast cutting speed, cutting force;

6. Can be compatible with any advanced CAM software in the world: Type3 / Artcam/CAXA UG/Pro - E/Mastercam/ty, etc;

7. Using breakpoint memory, guarantee under the condition of accident (cutting knife), or the next day to continue processing;

8. Gantry mobile, Y axis double rack drive, ensure the machine movement and high stability;

9. Can be equipped with professional control system according to the processing needs.

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