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CNC Router Machine Maintaince

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CNC Router Machine Maintaince
(1) there is a three-axis axis can not move, this time to check whether the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block damage.
Inspection methods can be used to replace law: fixed axis corresponds aviation plug and unplug other active axis
Corresponding to the drive.

(2) If the exchange does not move normally drive shaft, the shaft can be explained by the corresponding drive block is damaged and need replacing good drive block. If you do not move the axis or not it shows faulty cable or replace motor cable or motor. Triaxial not move. At this point check whether triaxial aviation plugs and control box connected, the control box is powered on. Whether the data line and the control box and the host computer
Control card connected. If the above are OK, please contact the factory.

(3) The spindle can not operate normally. First check the drive LED displays an error

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