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Laser Engraver ? Laser Marker ?

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Laser Engraver ? Laser Marker ?
Laser Engraver ? Laser Marker ?

1. Different working principles.

Laser engraver works by reflecting and focusing the laser on the work piece, through which the work piece will be melted or vaporized by the high temperature produced by the laser.
Laser marker  works by moving the laser through the reflection and angle change of the vibrating mirror.

2. Different working scopes
Laser marker works in smaller scopes while the laser head of laser engravers can move freely and thus can works in larger scopes.

3.Different applications
Laser engravers are mainly for engraving the following materials: wood, organic glass, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, double color board, alumina, leather, resin, etc.
Laser markers can deal with a variety of materials, mainly for such industries as clothing textile, medical package, beverage package, building ceramics, textile cutting, rubber products, shell nameplate, craft gift, electronic components, leather, etc.

1) Can engrave or mark metal and a variety of non metallic materials, but most suitable for the find and high precision processing.

2) Apply to electronic components, integrated circuit, electric equipments, telecommunications, hardware, tools, precision machinery, glasses and clocks, jewelry decoration, automobile parts, plastic button, building materials, PVC pipes, medical machinery, etc.

3) Applicable materials include general metals & alloy, rare metals & alloy, metallic oxide, special surface treatment, ABS materials, printing ink, epoxy resin.

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