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CNC Plasma With Hypertherm Power Supply

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CNC Plasma With Hypertherm Power Supply

CNC Plasma With Hypertherm Power Supply Application:                                                         
Widely used in steel pieces shipbuilding,engineering machinery,mining machinery,pressure vessels, cars,bridges,chemical machinery,space steel and other manufacturing industries cutting stock,high working efficiency.
 welding portable CNC cutting machine 
CNC Plasma With Hypertherm Power Supply Features:                                                          
1, using 32 high-performance CPU and super-large-scale programmable devices FPGA,using UC / OSII real-time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology, high stability at work.
2, the whole process of rational structure,with full optocoupler isolation control, super plasma anti-interference ability.
3,32M powerful program memory space, a single set of programs that can store10,000 lines of instruction to meet the operational and processing a variety of complex procedures,easily handle running large programs.
4, using ARM7 processor technology,running speed and interface refresh faster.
5, the filename can display Chinese name, user-friendly and intuitive to identify the contents of the file stored.
6, the user can at any time on the website to download the latest software applications to cut the U disk,U disk and then copy the latest application to the controller update.
7, U disk transfer CAD drawing files manually track and field input using G code written in two ways.
8, USB RS232 serial communication control, U disk function to read the file directly, and convenient on-site operations.
9,stepper motor drive with high breakdown, high precision, smooth operation.
10, externally adjust the display contrast.
11, delay,preheating,perforation,flame radius compensation,continuous rollback,break point recovery.
12,lifting speed arbitrary regulation.
13,With the processing power protection.
14, equipped with signal detection capabilities to help users quickly resolve malfunction.
15,can simultaneously control 3 stepper/servo motors,synchronous or re-development of biaxially third axis function according to actual needs.
16,5.7inch blue screen,user-friendly interface, the entire menu,easy to use.
CNC Plasma With Hypertherm Power Supply Main advantages:                                                              
Cutting faster, more accurate control, the cutting surface is more smooth, no glitches, no black; cutting holes in high quality.
CNC plasma With Hypertherm power supply details:

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portable cnc plasmacnc plasma delivery

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